States of matter, solid , liquid and gas

States of matter

There are three states of matter

  1. Solid
  2. Liquid
  3. Gases

These three states are made of molecules in continuous motion

Solid : in solid the molecules are close together and they vibrate about their fixed positions. When a solid is heated the molecule get more energy and more vibration. As the temperature increases they loose their bond and melted to form liquid while some vaporised  or sublime


2. liquid  : the molecules of liquid are in constant  and random motion. They also vibrate . when a liquid is heated the molecules gain heat and move faster. If the temperature increases , the liguid start to boil, a process where liquid changes state to gaseous state.


The molecules of a gas are also in constant motion but the molecules are far apart compare to liquid and solid. They move faster and at high speed , colliding with  one another and with the wall of the container . The collision of the gas molecules with the wall of the container creates pressure in the container. The more the number of molecules the more the pressure. When they collide with the wall of the container . they rebound without lose of energy hence the collision is elastic. The total energy of the molecules is conserved at constant temperature.


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