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Academy of Benghazi                                                                       FOLLOW

Africa University for Human and Applied Science Tripoli City       FOLLOW

Al Asmarya University of Islamic Sciences                                       FOLLOW

Al Zawiya University (Seventh of April University)                         FOLLOW

Attahadi University                                                                           FOLLOW

Azzaytuna University                                                                        FOLLOW

Benghazi Private University                                                              FOLLOW

Bright Star University                                                                        FOLLOW

College of Computer Techniques Tripoli                                           FOLLOW

College of Computer Technology Zawiya                                         FOLLOW

College of Electrical and Electronic Technology Benghazi               FOLLOW

College of Electronic Technology Tripoli                                          FOLLOW

College of Electronic Technology-Bani Walid                                  FOLLOW

College of Industrial Technology Masrath                                        FOLLOW

Libyan Institute for Advanced Studies                                             FOLLOW

Libyan International Medical University                                           FOLLOW

Lybian Academy                                                                                FOLLOW

Misurata University (Misrata University)                                          FOLLOW

Modern Benghazi University                                                             FOLLOW

Omar Al Mukhtar University                                                             FOLLOW

Petroleum Training and Qualifying Institute                                     FOLLOW

Sebha University /Sabha University                                                  FOLLOW

Sirte University (Al Tahadi University)                                             FOLLOW

The Islamic University of Asaied Mohamed Bin Ali Al Sanussi      FOLLOW

University of Ajdabiya                                                                      FOLLOW

University of Benghazi (University of Garyounis)                            FOLLOW

University of Elmergib                                                                       FOLLOW

University of Gharyan                                                                       FOLLOW

University of Tripoli (Al Fateh University)                                       FOLLOW

University of Tripoli Alahlia for Humanities and Applied Sciences FOLLOW

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