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21 September University of Medical and Applied Sciences

Al Ahgaff University

Al Andalus University for Science & Technology

Al Jazeera University Ibb

Al Nasser University

Al Razi University

Al Saeed University

Al Saeeda University

Albaydaa University

Alhikma University

Alqalam University

Arabian University Sana'a

Azal University of Human Development

College of Computer and Information Technology

College of Modern Management of Graduate Studies

Dar Al Salam International University for Science and Technology Sana'a

Dhamar University / Thamar University

Elrazi University Yemen

Emirates International University Sana'a

Future University Yemen

Future University Yemen Open Learning College

Hadhramout University of Science & Technology

Hajjah University

Ibb University

Ibn Khaldoun University

International University of Technology Twintech Yemen

Knowledge & Modern Sciences University

Lebanese International University Yemen

National University Yemen

Queen Arwa University

Saba University

Sana'a Community College

Sana'a University

Sana'a University Faculty of Dentistry

Taiz University

University of Aden

University of Aden Faculty of Engineering

University of Aqara for Science and Technology

University of Modern Sciences Sana'a

University of Rayan

University of Science and Technology Sana'a

University of the Holy Quran and Academic Sciences

Yemen University

Yemeni Academy of Graduate Studies

Yemenia University

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