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Academy of Health Sciences        FOLLOW

Al Andalus University for Medical Sciences FOLLOW

Al Baath University                      FOLLOW

Al Furat University                       FOLLOW

Al Hawash Private University      FOLLOW

Al Jazeera University                    FOLLOW

Al Rasheed International Private University for Science & Technology       FOLLOW

Al Shahbaa University                  FOLLOW

Al Wataniya Private University    FOLLOW

Alsham Private University            FOLLOW

Antioch Syrian University            FOLLOW

Arab International University Damascus       FOLLOW

Arab Private University for Science and Technology            FOLLOW

Bilad Al Sham University             FOLLOW

Damascus University                    FOLLOW

Ebla Private University                 FOLLOW

Hama University                           FOLLOW

Higher Institute of Business Administration FOLLOW

Idleb University                            FOLLOW

Institut Français du Proche-Orient Damas     FOLLOW

Institut National d'Administration     FOLLOW

Institut Supérieur des Sciences Appliquees et de Technologie Damascus     FOLLOW

International University for Science & Technology   FOLLOW

Ittihad Private University             FOLLOW

Lighthouse Academy                    FOLLOW

Manara University                         FOLLOW

Qasyoun Private University of Science and Technology       FOLLOW

Syrian International Academy      FOLLOW

Syrian Private University (International Private University for Science & Technology)       FOLLOW

Syrian Virtual University              FOLLOW

Tishreen University                       FOLLOW

University of Aleppo                    FOLLOW

University of Cordoba                  FOLLOW

University of Kalamoon                FOLLOW

University of Tartus                      FOLLOW

Wadi International University      FOLLOW

Yarmouk Private University         FOLLOW



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