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Academy of Civil Aviation                                                                      FOLLOW

Academy of Economy and Law O A Dzholdasbekov                            FOLLOW

Academy of Fashion Business Symbat                                                    FOLLOW

Academy of Law Enforcement Agencies Kazakhstan                            FOLLOW

Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan     FOLLOW

Ahmet Yesavi Üniversitesi International Kazakh Turkish University     FOLLOW

Aktobe Regional State University K Zhubanov                                      FOLLOW

Aktobe University S Baishev                                                                   FOLLOW

ALMA University / Almaty Management University                             FOLLOW

Almaty Academy of Economics and Statistics                                       FOLLOW

Almaty Technological University                                                            FOLLOW

Almaty University of Energy and Communication                                 FOLLOW

Arkalyk State Pedagogical Institute I Altynsarin                                    FOLLOW

Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University                                FOLLOW

Astana Medical University                                                                      FOLLOW

Astana University                                                                                    FOLLOW

Atyrau Engineering and Humanitarian Institute                                      FOLLOW

Atyrau State University H Dosmukhamedov                                          FOLLOW

Atyrau University of Oil and Gas                                                            FOLLOW

Bolashak University                                                                                 FOLLOW

Caspian University                                                                                   FOLLOW

Central Asian Academy                                                                           FOLLOW

Central Asian University                                                                          FOLLOW

Central Kazakhstan Academy                                                                 FOLLOW

College of International Business Academy                                            FOLLOW

Deutsch-Kasachische University                                                             FOLLOW

East Kazakhstan State Technical University D Serikbaev                       FOLLOW

East Kazakhstan State University S Amanzholov                                   FOLLOW

Egyptian University Islamic Culture Nur Mubarak                                 FOLLOW

Ekibastuz Technical and Engineering Institute K Satpayev                    FOLLOW

Eurasian Institute for the Humanities                                                      FOLLOW

Eurasian Institute of Market                                                                    FOLLOW

Eurasian National University L N Gumilevі                                            FOLLOW

Eurasian University of Technology                                                          FOLLOW

Financial Academy                                                                                  FOLLOW

Humanitarian and Technical Institute Akmeshit                                     FOLLOW

Humanities Technical Academy                                                              FOLLOW

Innovative Eurasian University                                                                FOLLOW

Institute of Information and Computational technologies                      FOLLOW

International education Corporation                                                        FOLLOW

International IT University                                                                      FOLLOW

Karaganda Economical University Kazpotrebsoyuz                               FOLLOW

Karaganda State Industrial University                                                    FOLLOW

Karaganda State Medical University                                                       FOLLOW

Karaganda State Technical University                                                     FOLLOW

Karaganda State University Buketov                                                      FOLLOW

Karaganda University Bolashak                                                              FOLLOW

Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations & World Languages       FOLLOW

Kazakh Academy of Labour and Social Relations                                  FOLLOW

Kazakh Academy of Sports & Tourism                                                   FOLLOW

Kazakh Academy of Transport & Communication M Tynyshbayev       FOLLOW

Kazakh Agrotechnical University                                                            FOLLOW

Kazakh Automobile Road Institute                                                         FOLLOW

Kazakh Humanitarian and Law Innovation University                           FOLLOW

Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering         FOLLOW

Kazakh Medical University of Continuous Education                            FOLLOW

Kazakh National Academy of Arts T K Zhurgenov                                FOLLOW

Kazakh National Academy of Choreography                                          FOLLOW

Kazakh National Agrarian University                                                      FOLLOW

Kazakh National Conservatoire Kurmangazy                                          FOLLOW

Kazakh National Pedagogical University Abay                                      FOLLOW

Kazakh National University Al Farabi                                                     FOLLOW

Kazakh National University of Arts                                                        FOLLOW

Kazakh Russian Medical University                                                        FOLLOW

Kazakh State Women Pedagogical University                                        FOLLOW

Kazakh University of Economy Finance and International Trade          FOLLOW

Kazakh University of Humanities and Law                                            FOLLOW

Kazakh University of Technology and Business                                     FOLLOW

Kazakh-American Free University                                                           FOLLOW

Kazakh-American University                                                                   FOLLOW

Kazakh-British Technical University                                                       FOLLOW

Kazakh-Russian International University                                                FOLLOW

Kazakhstan Engineering and Technology University                              FOLLOW

Kazakhstan Engineering-Pedagogical Peoples' Friendship University    FOLLOW

Kazakhstan Innovation University                                                          FOLLOW

Kazakhstan Institute of Management Economics and Strategic Research KIMEP University        FOLLOW

Kazakhstan Medical University KSPH                                                   FOLLOW

Kokshetau State University Sh Ualikhanov                                            FOLLOW

Kokshetau Technical Institute of Ministry of Emergency Measures       FOLLOW

Kokshetau University Abai Myrzakhmetov                                            FOLLOW

Kostanay Engineering and Economics University Myrzhakyp Dulatov FOLLOW

Kostanay Socio Technical University                                                      FOLLOW

Kostanay State Pedagogical University                                                   FOLLOW

Kostanay State University A Baitursynov                                               FOLLOW

Kyzylorda State University Korkyt Ata                                                  FOLLOW

Miras University                                                                                       FOLLOW

Moscow State University Kazakh Branch                                               FOLLOW

Narxoz University                                                                                    FOLLOW

Nazarbayev University                                                                             FOLLOW

North Kazakhstan State University M Kozybaevі                                  FOLLOW

Pavlodar Regional Institute for Teachers Advanced Studies                  FOLLOW

Pavlodar State Pedagogical University                                                    FOLLOW

Pavlodar State University S Toraigyrov                                                  FOLLOW

Rudniy Industrial Institute                                                                      FOLLOW

Satbayev University                                                                                 FOLLOW

Semey Semipalatinsk State University Shakarim                                    FOLLOW

Semey State Medical Academy                                                               FOLLOW

SILKWAY International University SWIT                                            FOLLOW

South Kazakhstan State Medical Academy                                            FOLLOW

South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical Institute                                        FOLLOW

South Kazakhstan State University M O Auezov                                   FOLLOW

St Petersburg Humanities University of Trade Unions Almaty Branch  FOLLOW

Suleyman Demirel University                                                                  FOLLOW

Syrdarya University                                                                                 FOLLOW

Taraz Innovative-Humanitarian University                                              FOLLOW

Taraz State Pedagogical University                                                         FOLLOW

Taraz State University M H Dulati                                                          FOLLOW

Turan University                                                                                      FOLLOW

University Kaynar                                                                                    FOLLOW

University of Almaty                                                                               FOLLOW

University of Foreign Language and Professional Career                       FOLLOW

University of Humanities and Law of the Transport DA Kunaeva         FOLLOW

University of International Business                                                        FOLLOW

University Sirdariya                                                                                 FOLLOW

West Kazakhstan Agricultural & Technical University Zhangir-Khan    FOLLOW

West Kazakhstan Innovative and Technological University                   FOLLOW

West Kazakhstan State Medical Academy M Ospanov                          FOLLOW

West Kazakhstan State University M Otemisov                                     FOLLOW

Yessenov University                                                                                FOLLOW

Zhetysu State University I Zhansugurov                                                 FOLLOW

Zhezkazgan University O A Baikonurov                                                 FOLLOW


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