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Academy of Visual Arts Ljubljana

Alma Mater Europaea (European Study Center Maribor / Visokošolski zavod ESM)

B2 College of Business Sciences

Bled School of Management

Catholic Institute Faculty of Business Studies

College of Accounting Ljubljana

College of Health Sciences Slovenj Gradec

College of Services Ljubljana

College of Visual Arts Ljubljana Arthouse


DOBA Faculty of Applied Business and Social Studies Maribor

Environmental Protection College Velenje

Euro-Mediterranean University Portorož

Faculty for Polymer Technology

Faculty of Commercial and Business Sciences Celje

Faculty of Design

Faculty of Health Care Angele Boskin

Faculty of Industrial Engineering Novo Mesto

Faculty of Information Studies in Novo Mesto

Faculty of Management Koper

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Maribor

Faculty of Media Ljubljana

Faculty of Organisation Studies in Novo Mesto

Faculty of Tourism Studies Portorož Turistica

Fizioterapevtika Higher Education Institution

GEA College of Entrepreneurship Piran

Graduate School of Humanities

Health College in Celje

Higher School of Economy Celje

IBS International Business School

Institute and Academy of Multimedia IAM

International School for Social and Business Studies Celje

Jána Albrech Music and Art Academy

Jožef Stefan International Postgraduate School Ljubljana

Landscape Governance College Grm Novo Mesto

New University

School of Advanced Social Studies in Nova Gorica

University of Ljubljana

University of Maribor

University of Nova Gorica

University of Novo Mesto

University of Primorska


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