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American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Banja Luka College

Banja Luka College of Communications Kapa Fi

College of Computer Science and Business Communications eMPIRICA

College of Informatics and Management Janjos Prijedor

European University Brčko

Faculty of Cosmetology and Esthetic

Herzegovina University

High College for Applied and Law Sciences PROMETEJ

High College for Business Management PRIMUS

High Medical School Prijedor

Higher School Logos Centar Mostar

Higher School of Hotel Management and Tourism Trebinje

International BURCH University Sarajevo

International University of Gorazde

International University of Sarajevo

International University of Travnik

ITC Interlogos Center Kiseljak

ITEP Higher School

Nezavisni University Banja Luka

PI Veterinary Research Institute

Sarajevo Film Academy

Sarajevo School of Science & Technology

Slobomir P University

University College CEPS Center for Business Studies Kiseljak

University Dzemal Bijedic Mostar

University Dzemal Bijedic Mostar Faculty of Economics

University Dzemal Bijedic

University of Banja Luka  

University of Bihać

University of Bijeljina

University of Business Studies Banja Luka

University of East Sarajevo

University of Modern Sciences CKM

University of Mostar

University of Sarajevo

University of Travnik

University of Travnik Faculty of Business Economics

University of Tuzla

University of Zenica

University Sinergija

University Vitez in Travnik

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