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List of Universities in Albania   A-Z

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Academy of Albanological Studies                                                    FOLLOW

Academy of Applied Studies Reald                                                   FOLLOW

Academy of Armed Forces Albania                                                   FOLLOW

Academy of Film & Multimedia MARUBI                                       FOLLOW

Academy of Sports and Physical Education Vojo Kushi                   FOLLOW

Agricultural University of Tirana                                                        FOLLOW

Albanian University                                                                            FOLLOW

Aldent University                                                                                FOLLOW

Canadian Institute of Technology                                                       FOLLOW

EPITECH Albania                                                                              FOLLOW

Epoka University                                                                                 FOLLOW

Fan Noli University Korçe                                                                  FOLLOW

Ivodent Academy                                                                               FOLLOW

Mediterranean University of Albania                                                  FOLLOW

Nehemia University Pogradec                                                             FOLLOW

Polytechnic University of Tirana                                                         FOLLOW

Private Professional College New Generation”                                 FOLLOW

Professional College of Tirana                                                            FOLLOW

Qiriazi University College                                                                   FOLLOW

Tirana Business University”                                                               FOLLOW

University College of Business                                                           FOLLOW

University College Wisdom                                                                FOLLOW

University Eqrem Çabej Gjirokaster                                                   FOLLOW

University Europian i Tiranes                                                              FOLLOW

University of Luarasi                                                                           FOLLOW

University of Luigj ”                                                                          FOLLOW

University of Marin Barleti                                                                 FOLLOW

University of Arts                                                                               FOLLOW

University of Medicine Tirana                                                            FOLLOW

University of New York Tirana                                                          FOLLOW

University of Tirana                                                                            FOLLOW

University of Vlora ”                                                                         FOLLOW

University of Pavaresia                                                                       FOLLOW

University of POLIS                                                                           FOLLOW

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