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2K21 MT has been producing NBA games for a really long time and they know what they're doing. Ill gladly pay some money to get the best basketball game in the world, if you think you can find better go ahead games cost money and that's never changed, should you dont wanna pay go to the"free to play" section.It's hard to be optimistic after what we've gotten the past few decades.

Thus the shxtty quantity of microtransactions they force in their participant.2K on the other hand employs the identical game then just add new features by simply tweaking some of the codes from the last game, launch it as a $60 game then take it a day.

Does the webpage ever work?

Also perhaps if they see their sales are shit they'll fix up (even tho this will not be true cuZ many ppl will still buy it), but unless they do something extreme I'm not paying extra for a game I'll barely even play for several months after I have pretty much the Specific same game

The lack of new interfaces, options, and construct design are my qualms. I do not care too much the way the game looks graphically.

They aren't releasing any information regarding the other modes. If they're ready, they would have teased them months prior to not two weeks before the matches release.What's the purpose of calling them outside after the games release anyway? Everyone's attention will be concentrated into enjoying the sport that they overpaid for and the  Buy NBA 2K MT expectation of the next gen 2k21. Here is the only time to call them out.

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