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In my view, Jagex has kept the user-friendly policy far too long. When they alter a policy, the neighborhood on which that policy is based will change as a consequence, and  RS gold therefore a new policy is necessary. A coverage (or even a filter, as I call it occasionally ) has to be dynamic in order to work. In the event the sum of comments increases, Jagex should filter out more comments so as to only use the comments that is useful. That is really where Jagex lacks.

I am going to explain just how Jagex (according to me) must have managed the problem about Ice Strykewyrms. As for me, I still wonder why they have the rants forum, recent upgrades, feedback, et cetera. There are simply too many themes (of which a lot are rubbish) for them to read. First thing, they should shut the rants forum. Recent upgrades should come alongside a subject from the Feedback forum, enabling gamers to provide feedback on the upgrades. The subject must also have a tacky called'Discussion Request'. Within this subject, players may ask topics in order that they can discuss (or rant about) things that, based on them, require changing. Any rants or feedback put in wrong forums for Jagex' attention should just be concealed by Forum Mods. This is a massive filter which will help prevent the mass issue spam and allows Jagex to analyze the problems in the game which truly need attention.

Okay, so that is all nice, however should Jagex have handled the Ice Strykewyrms problem? The response to this question is that they should not have bothered with reading articles in subjects in any way. They need to  buy OSRS gold  have produced a poll instead, allowing members to vote if there should be a compromise or never. Though this is done, they ought to filter the votes like a maniac. They Ought to be able to assess what certain groups voted, these bands being:

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