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Pneumatic Machine

Pneumatic Machines are operated in the same way as Hydraulic machine.

The followings are parts of Pneumatic Machine.(se figure above)


  1. High Pressure Pump .

Can be Electrical pump with induction motor

Can be Mechanical pump operated with diesel engine or gasoline engine

2. Valve. Electrical valve with solenoid .

3. Hose. This transmit the compressed air to the cylinder

4. The cylinder. This moves IN or OUT when the valve is operated and exacted force on the load.

5. Compressed air container. This serves as the storage for the compressed air.

6. Pressure Relief Valve. This control the pressure in the compressed air container. If the desire pressure in the container is 8bar , the pressure relief valve can be set to 9bar so that when the pressure in the container reach 9bar the valve  open and the pressure return back to 8bar before the valve close

This system is mostly used in manufacturing industry for opening and closingof system control

Many pneumatic valve can be connected to the same compress air container to control different cylinders


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