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Adult Open University

APEC University

Barna Business School

Caribbean University Dominican Republic

Catholic University of Cibao

Central University of the East

Dominican Adventist University

Dominican Industrial Psychology University

Dominican University O&M

Eastern Cibao University of Technology

Eugenio María de Hostos University

Federico Henríquez and Carvajal University

Felix Adam Experimental University

Fernando Arturo de Meriño Agroforestry University

Global Institute for High Studies in Social Sciences

Higher Institute of Agriculture

Higher Institute of Teacher Training Salomé Ureña ISFODOSU

Higher Studies in Business Law IDEMPRESA

INCE University (National Institute of Exact Sciences)

INSTITUTE for Diplomatic and Consular Training INESDYC

Institute of Technology of the Americas

Instituto Superior de Tecnología Universal INSUTEC

IOMG Institute

Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences Dominican Republic

Loyola Polytechnic Institute

Mercy Jácquez Higher Technical Institute

National Evangelical University

National School of the Judiciary Dominican Republic

National University of Technology

Nordestana Catholic University

Pedro Henríquez Ureña National University

Pontifical Catholic University Mother and Teacher

Santiago University of Technology

Santo Domingo Catholic University

Santo Domingo Institute of Technology

Southern University of Technology

Unica Inter-American University

University of the Third Age

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