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Tropical Agronomic Center for Research and Teaching

National High-Tech Center

College of Carthage

FACO Autonomous Faculty of Dental Sciences

FLACSO Costa Rica Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences

INCAE Business School

Central American Institute of Public Administration

Inter-American Institute of Human Rights

Costa Rica Institute of Technology

International Center for Development Studies

Adventist University of Central America

Alma Máter University

Autonomous University of Central America

Monterrey Costa Rica Autonomous University

Latin American Bible University

Braulio Carrillo University

Castro Carazo Costa Rica University

Catholic University of Costa Rica

CENFOTEC University

Central Costa Rica University

Central American University of Social Sciences

Continental University of Science and Arts

Creative University

University of Carthage Florencio del Castillo

University of Medical Sciences of Central America

University of Costa Rica

University of Latin America

University of La Salle Costa Rica

Costa Rica University of Science and Art

University of San Jose

University of Tourism

Earth Costa Rica University

University Free School of Law

Distance State University Costa Rica

Evangelical University of the Americas

Fidélitas University

Costa Rica Hispanic American University

Independent University of Costa Rica

International University of the Americas

San Isidro Labrador International University

San Isidro Labrador International University

Isaac Newton University

John Paul II University

Latin American University of Science and Technology Costa Rica

Free University of Costa Rica

University of Justice

Costa Rica National University

University for International Cooperation

Costa Rica International Polytechnic University

St. Jude University

San Marcos Costa Rica University

Santa Lucia Costa Rica University

Santa Paula University

National Technical University

Costa Rican University of Technology

Central America Theological University Monsignor Oscar Arnulfo Romero UTAC

Veritas University

University for Peace

American university of Costa Rica


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